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Francesco Bellotti

Gala Serious Game Mechanics Workshops

The Serious Game Mechanics workshops constitute the main activity of the research on Serious Game Mechanics (SGMs) for the fourth and final year of the GALA EC project. A series of two to three workshop are to be carried out at different venues in order to disseminate, collect and validate currently developing knowledge in the area of SGMs. This work is lead by HWU in collaboration with BiBA, SGI, UNIGE, OUNL, COVUNI, MAN and CNR.

Short CV

Francesco Bellotti is Assistant Professor at DITEN, University of Genoa, and currently teaching cyberphysical systems and entrepreneurship at the MSc course in Electronic Engineering. He received his MSc in Electronic Engineering (cum laude) and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Genoa. His main research interests concern serious games, artificial intelligence, neuroscientific signal analysis, technology-enhanced learning and human–computer interaction. He has been the responsible of the design and implementation WPs of several European (FP, Culture and Artemis programmes) and Italian (Industria 2015) industrial research projects. He is in the coordinating team of GaLA, the FP7 network of excellence on serious games, and of the eSG, Erasmus lifelong learning project. He is in the teaching committee of the Interactive Cognitive Environment (ICE) Erasmus Mundus PhD programme. He is responsible of the Infomobility Lab at the Liguria District of technologies. He authored 150+ papers in international journals and conferences.


University of Genoa, 16145 Genova, Italy