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Jeffery Earp

Gala Serious Game Mechanics Workshops

The Serious Game Mechanics workshops constitute the main activity of the research on Serious Game Mechanics (SGMs) for the fourth and final year of the GALA EC project. A series of two to three workshop are to be carried out at different venues in order to disseminate, collect and validate currently developing knowledge in the area of SGMs. This work is lead by HWU in collaboration with BiBA, SGI, UNIGE, OUNL, COVUNI, MAN and CNR.

Short CV

I’m an Australian-born research assistant at the Institute for Educational Technology, CNR, Italy. My background is in language teaching and I’ve been active in the TEL field since the mid-1990s, with experience in various national and European projects. My areas of past and current interest include CALL, digital resources and software for education, teacher training, e-inclusion, learning design, narrative learning environments, and educational repositories. More recently I’ve been focusing on serious games and game-based learning. I’m a member of GALA (Games and Learning Alliance), the EC Network of Excellence on Serious Games, and coordinating team member of MAGICAL (MAking Games In CollaborAtion for Learning), an LLP KA3 project on collaborative game-making for learning and key skills acquisition.


Institute for Educational Technology, CNR, Italy