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Philip Mildner

Word Domination: Bringing Together Fun and Education in an Authoring-based 3D Shooter Game

We present the multiplayer serious game Word Domination. The key aspects of this project were to create one fixed game scenario with strong emphasis on motivational aspects and to combine this with a variable learning content. Therefore, a web-based authoring tool has been created that allows for the integration of arbitrary quizzes into the game. This frees teachers from hassling with game design details. At the same time, it offers players the same level of engaging gameplay throughout different learning scenarios by making use of the popularity of 3D shooter games. Apart from the beneficial aspects of in-game learning, the game also offers rankings and statistics, which might serve as a motivational aspect on the one hand, and as an evaluation tool for instructors on the other hand. In addition to a description of game mechanisms and the technical background of the game, this paper will present suggestions for application scenarios and further development possibilities. Some player impressions and reactions were gathered in a study at the University of Mannheim and at the Darmstadt GameDays 2013 exhibition, during which the game was played by a broad audience.

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After receiving his diploma degree from the University of Mannheim, Germany, in 2010, Philip Mildner is working as a research assistant at the Department of Computer Science IV at the University of Mannheim. His main research topic are serious games with focus on learning games for educational purposes.


Department of Computer Science IV
University of Mannheim
A 5, 6
D-68159 Mannheim