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Heinrich Söbke

Cat King’s metamorphosis: The reuse of an educational game in a further technical domain

In general the development of educational video games is costly. Reuse of existing games is an approach which may lower development efforts in some cases. In this paper we present such a case: The original game is a mobile app which supports memorizing basic knowledge of the law domain. Starting with a description of the software architecture and the game mechanics of the mobile app we outline the necessary steps and methods to extend the software to an own, new app with content from an engineering discipline. The provided clone of the original educational game is a fully usable mobile educational game. We compare the efforts needed for the development of the original and the new app. Finally we discuss the limitations and requirements of this approach as there are legal issues, limitations to the knowledge which is transferred by the game, the systematic use of the game, change of the context and an appropriate game structure. Nevertheless our result is a generic procedure to extend that game to arbitrary further technical domains – at a considerably smaller fraction of the original effort.

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Heinrich Söbke is a researcher at Bauhaus-Institute for Infrastructure Solutions ( Weimar, Germany. His work focuses on game based learning in engineering education and educational technology. His current research project - TWIST++ - aims at the development of a serious game for lay decision makers in the field of water infrastructure systems. He was visiting scholar in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2010. During this time he contributed to the development of educational games at the Morgridge Institute for Research. Before he joined Bauhaus-University Weimar in 2009 he worked for 15 years in industry projects as a system analyst and computer scientist. Heinrich holds a Bachelor s degree in industrial engineering and a Master s degree in information science. Recently he defended his doctoral thesis about an extensible educational gaming plattform.


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