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Helmut Hlavacs

A Case Study of a Learning Game about the Internet

This paper describes the design of the learning game Inter- net Hero, in which the player is transported into a fictional world repre- senting the Internet. The game shall convey learning contents about the technical and social basics of using the Internet. We connect game design to learning principles and evaluate the game through gameplay metrics and interviews with children. We show that we were able to build an engaging game while at the same time building on a strong theoretical foundation on digital game-based learning.

Kurzer Lebenslauf

Study of Mathematics at the Technical University of Vienna, Phd in 2001 in Numerical Analysis. Habilitation for Applied Computer Science at the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Vienna in 2004, and promotion for Full Professor in 2011.
Currently Head of Research Group Entertainment Computing at University of Vienna.
Research Interestes include Gaming Technologies, Applications of Serious Games, and Quality of Experience of Multimedia Streams.


Waehringer Strasse 29 / 5.24
1090 Vienna