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Martin Heß

Serious Games for Solving Protein Sequence Alignments - Combining Citizen Science and Gaming

A fundamental task in computational biology is the identification of similarities between multiple protein sequences, to get insight into their functional, structural and evolutionary relationships. These similarities can be revealed by aligning the sequences. This alignment is a NP-hard problem.
We present an improved game approach to solving large protein sequence alignments with the concept of citizen science. By abstracting the alignment problem into a kind of puzzle, we enable even non-expert players to solve complex alignment problems.
We evaluated our game prototype by a user study with a convenience sample of 20 persons. This study showed, that our prototype is already capable to elicit fun and to deliver a true game experience despite its early stage.

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Martin Heß is a full-time researcher and PhD student in
Technische Universität Darmstadt’s Graphics, Capture, and
Massively Parallel Computing Group and Computational
Biology and Simulation Group. He received an MS in
computer science and an MS in visual computing from TU
Darmstadt. His research interests include
serious games, bioinformatics, visual analytics, and computer graphics .


GCC - Graphics, Capture and Massively-Parallel Computing
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Rundeturmstraße 12
64283 Darmstadt, Germany